Monday, October 26, 2009

Allah defends the Believers

Allah's mercies and blessings on Prophet Muhammad, always

Prophet Muhammad, the most envied historic character among infidels today

Prophet Muhammad bore death in mind, he longed for paradise

Seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah against the accursed Satan

Prophet Muhammad, of a tremendously noble character

Prophet Muhammad teaches grace and honor to the dishonorable

Prophet Muhammad, a man loved and admired, eternally

Love the Glorious Koran with all your heart

Love all new meanings and nuances of the Holy Koran

The Holy Koran is a Friend that never deserts you

The Holy Koran brings out people alive from earthquakes, wars, famine, and all kinds of distress

Do the unbelievers suppose that believers would have lives and deaths similar to their own? How ill do they judge! (see Qur'an)

Read the Qur'an with hope and expectation that everything would be ok in your life

Fear Allah who can change man to ape or swine without a moment's notice

Always speak the truth

Make the Qur'an your Book of life

Read all readings of the Holy Qur'an, take it as a Friend in times of plenty and in need